3rd Party Fundraising Policies

fundraising The San Diego Children's nude celebrities Coalition would be honored if you would like to host an event to raise money for the Children's Coalition. If you would like to use the San Diego Children's Coalition name on any printed materials including emails for any events or fundraisers, please see the Fundraising Policy cartoon porn videos below.

Fundraising Policy

If the San Diego Children's Coalition's name is to be involved in any manner in a fundrasing event, an written Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement must be in place in writing and agreed to by a majority of the board of directors prior to adversting or hosting an event. The MOU would simply address any involvement of the Children's Coalition at an event and any percentage of any hot milfs monies to be donated.

Please, feel free contact us anytime if you have any milf porn questions.  We're looking forward to working together!  And, thank you for your support of the San Diego Children's Coalition.